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24VDC 60leds 10Pixels DMX512 RGBW LED Stripes

24V RGBW DMX512 LED strip Connection:
DC+: connect to power supply DC+
DMX+ (A): connect to controller DMX+ (A)
DMX- (B): connect to controller DMX- (B)
PI:Write the address,one address cable
GND: connect to power supply GND & controller GND

  • For dmx512 led stripes, "No matter what or how many ic broken,the led stripes will work normally."
    DMX IC we use the 5 cable dmx512 double signal,256 gray scale high brightness fast data transfer fast screen refresh etc .Using international standards DMX512 protocol products with one and multi point damage does not affect other parts of the stripes and continue work etc.

    24V 60leds DMX RGBW LED Stripes Features: 
    Item Model: NSS-DMXS60-24RGBW
    LED Type: SMD5050
    LED Quantity: 60Leds/M
    IC Type: DMX512
    Wattage: 19.2W/M
    Pixel/m: 10 Pixel/m
    PCB Width: 15mm width, Flexible
    Length/Reel: 5M/Reel
    Working Voltage: DC24V
    Package: 5m/reel
    Light Color: Full Colors with RGBW 4in1 LED
    IP Grade: IP20: Non-waterproof with 3M Adhesive tape
              IP65: silicon glue waterproof with 3M Adhesive tape
              IP67: silicon tube waterproof
              IP68: silicon tube + fill up glue
    PCB Color: White ,Black
    Cut size: 100mm/cut
    Working Temperature: -20 to 45 Degree
    Warranty: 3 Years

    1, Adopt  best flexibility FPC as a substrate, FPC has good electrical conductivity, heat fast, resistant to bending, can be bent into any shape
    2, Using SMD5050RGBW lamp beads, you can achieve when the white light off, to ensure a high end of consistency when light white the use of external driver chip DMX512, to achieve addressable, programmable digital light efffect.
    3, Compatible and extended DMX512 (1990) signal protocol, the control mode is differential parallel, built-in 485 decoding module, anti-interference
    4, Support Coding after installation operation, you can program the controller to achieve any animation products
    5,  Low-voltage DC24V power supply, the user and crowed is more secure
    6, can be made of waterproof level of diversification, Droping glue waterproof (IP54), full silicone tube casing waterproof (IP67), Silcione tube+ pouring glue (IP68), as well as the latest process machine extrusion (IP68)
    7, Each group LED (6LED as one unit/group, cuttable) as one pixel, takes 4 channels (R/G/B/W each chip takes 1CH), can OEM customized color effects from our engineer.
  • 24v 60leds dmx RGBW LED Stripes Application:
    City skyline lighting villas advertising wall signs Christmas ( , , decorative landscape)
    Irregular design of body decoration (shopping malls, hotels, nightclubs, polygonal wall KTV
    establishments ceiling cavity design)
    Public lighting lighting (schools, libraries, hospitals, airports, subway stations, railway stations)
    Furniture dark groove trim (door, bar, wine cabinet, wardrobe, TV cabinets, etc.)
    Automotive beauty (body, underbody, wheelbarrow balanced car, etc.)
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