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W17.3mm*H7mm*L1000mm Aluminum Profiles

Aluminium Color: Silver/Black/White/Others
Material: Aluminium Cover Color: White/Milky/Frosted
Cover: PC
Products Size: 17.3*7*1000mm
Application condition: Indoor

  • Model No:NS-1205                                    Surface technology: Anodic oxidation
    Installation method: Clip / 3M                    Aluminium Color: Silver / Black / White/ Others
    Material: Aluminium                                  Cover Color: White / Milky / Frosted
    Cover: PC               IP:40                          PC transmittance: 85%           Fit of PCB width:12m
    Products Size: 17.3*7*1000mm                   Application condition: Indoor




  • 1. These aluminum profiles are made of 6063 aluminum and PC cover.
    2. Heat dissipation function, with this profile, strips lifetime will be longer.
    3. Easy install and strips will look more elegant than the bare ones, can solve the 3M stick problems.
    4. Used for SMD 3528, 2835, 5050 and 5630 led strips, 5/8/10/12/15mm and other PCB width as your request.
    5. Our standard length is 0.5m, 1m, 2m and 3m. Can cut other lengths as per your real need.
    6. 1m aluminum profile= 1m aluminum profile + 1m PC cover + 2pcs end caps + 2pcs mounting clips.
    7. PC cover has milky diffused cover and clear cover(transparent cover) available.
    8. This profile excludes LED strips. If you need LED strips, connector, power supply, dimmer and controller, pls contact with us.
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