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All kinds of Pixel LED chip

Release time:2019/8/12 10:29:47

Technical Parameters
Item No.: NS107s 5050 RGB
LED Type: 5050 SMD
Voltage: DC5V
Color: RGB
Description: 256 grey scale,(8bits) one clock cable, one data cable
NS107s VS apa107 Vs apa102 VS sk9822 and other LEDs.

Chipset type = LEDTYPE. DATA (R6) CLK (R7) Color Bits Data Rate PWM Rate
LPD8806 LPD8806 7 1-20Mbps 4kHz
WS2801 WS2801   8 1Mbps 2.5kHz
WS2812 WS2812   8 800kbps 400Hz
SK9822 SK9822 8 2Mbps 1.2kHz
APA107 APA107 8 30Mbps 9kHz
NS107S NS107S 8,16 40Mbps 28khz
APA102 APA102 8 30Mbps 20khz
TM1803 TM1803   8 400kbps 400Hz
TM1804 TM1804   8 800kbps 400Hz
UCS1903 UCS1903   8 400kbps ?
P9813 P9813 8 1-15Mbps 4.5kHz
SM16716 SM16716 8 ? ?
LPD1886 LPD1886   12+ 16Mbps 400Hz
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