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RGBW led strip lights / 4 colors in 1 LED

Release time:2014/10/20 11:07:17

60leds/m RGBW 5050 Led Strip
1.Input Voltage:DC12V
3.2 year Warranty


◆ Use super bright SMD5050 as lighting sources;
 300/360/420 Leds/5meters;
 Colors:RGB+Warm White/Natural White/Cool White;
 Input Voltage:DC12V/24v;
 Max Power:72W/84W/100W;
◆ Can be cut by 3LEDs(12V)6 LEDs(24v);               
 With 3M adhesive tape back, easy for installation;
 Can be changed into waterproof IP65;
 PCB Board can be chosen from Copper or White.


Cover Lighting
Architectural light for canopy,corridor,window,archway
Backlight for edge lighting for signage
DIY lights for home use
Path and contour marking
Decorative lights for holiday,event,show  exhibition



Cut in Specific location


The difference of our new RGBW LED strip and the old RGBW LED strip

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