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LED lighting ladder price changes to achieve three important strategic goal

Release time:2013/12/20

From 2012 June, stepped price reform began, to 2014 March, the national development and Reform Commission issued "on the establishment of resident life guidance" gas price ladder system, gas price reform step by step in place, residents of the price mechanism reform to promote the reform of the State Council calmly, improve the price formation mechanism of resource products has reached the expected target.

Ladder price changes to achieve three important strategic goal:

The first goal is the prerequisite to maintain the most, the interests of the people, find a way to solve the initial cross subsidies of public goods, the scarcity of resources products embody. Over the past ten years, GDP enthusiasts, keen century project, who has more money, the laissez faire economic bubbles, resulting in huge inflation pressure. For the pursuit of digital on harmony, not realistic to the price law, arbitrarily price intervention for resource products, CPI ceiling imposing, lead to serious distortions of the price system. Especially for the maintenance of CPI data looks, cross subsidy scale of residents of the commodity, labor business and residents of the price scissors denying residents, a substantial increase in industrial and commercial enterprises price burden. Reflected on the surface of the so-called "people's livelihood", "people first", while enterprises will eventually be passed on to the market price, in the end or the people to pay their own way, but is to rob Peter to pay Paul, back with the same heavy. The price mechanism that not only weaken the Chinese enterprise's integration of global product competitiveness, influence enterprise profit tax, further affect people's jobs, people are unable to increase disposable income, hindered the expansion of domestic demand to promote economic, resulting in economic structural malformation. At the same time, cross subsidies in large scale, the monopoly price gains also became a muddleheaded Zhang, reform cannot deepen contradiction difficult to clear. Price reform become many reform way.

In the Internet highly developed today, media influence on people's unprecedented, people's price fluctuations affect the situation as a whole. Price reform is often the words, the commentary Ruchao evil, a dilemma for the government, the reform for many reason with the laws of the market is difficult to promote. Some media and experts opposition sound, often Bo a piece of hot and countless eyeballs, click Replace rational criticism achievement of sales, public opinion will reformers tied into the dumplings. The government fear the media and the public, although repeatedly shouted "stagnation and in no way out!", but the pressure of public opinion before the hands of inaction, so that a series of deep problems in China's economy more and more, conflicts intensified.
Reform is to change the pattern of interests, is to sacrifice a part of current interest, in order to get more people, more and more durable and more equitable interest. The then Vice Premier Li Keqiang fear pressure in charge of price of the State Council, determined by promoting the reform to solve the problem, show a kind of responsibility and courage. From the first half of 2012, in the refined oil pricing experience inspired a series of reform, firmly grasp the "ladder price" this breakthrough, to resist the pressure in the premise of safeguarding the interests of the people, the majority, to promote the reform of resource products pricing mechanism. Through the deepening of reform and continuous publicity guide, let the society to discuss this problem, the full hearing, make most people recognize and necessity of government reform initiatives, won the support of the masses. The success of the reform progress, largely to adhere to and carry out the mass line results.
The second goal is to maintain the social interests in the mechanism of fair, and gradually established market preparing the resources price system, to deepen reform foundation. Since our country is long-term resource commodity prices are common inhabitants of subsidies, for the protection of a part of the interests of low-income groups to carry out a unified budget policy, resulting in the government and state-owned companies spend large amounts of money more unbridled consumption subsidies in the rich people. In a survey of the reform of natural gas prices, found that 5% of people actually consume natural gas resources 20%. Results the general subsidies who consume resources, who enjoy subsidies; waste resources award, waste more award; who create pollution, who benefit more. With China's large population, per capita resources and environmental capacity of resource shortage of reality are contradictory, runs counter to the socialism with Chinese characteristics.

China is now the world's energy consumption in most countries, also the coal and electric power consumption than any other country, is also the largest greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution is the most serious country. China's per capita energy consumption is the world average level of 115%, carbon dioxide emissions is a global average of 140%, and the per capita GDP of China is only the world average of 70%. Haze, greenhouse gas emissions and energy security has become the new "three big mountains on the top of the Chinese people". Although the reform and opening up and the people of the whole country to we cast infinite brilliance, but this brilliant covered Yanyanshishi haze, in the world, our name and often foul, cross flow of sewage, garbage everywhere, that is, extravagant, self serving these words together.

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