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Where LED outdoor lighting charm?

Release time:2013/8/21

The global advocate low carbon life, energy efficiency and carbon reduction of LED lighting as the era of "pet". According to Guzhen lighting wholesale price index shows that the benefit from the construction of government project procurement, LED street lamp to large-scale promotion and other favorable factors, outdoor lighting series index in the near future overall have continued to rise trend, greatly stimulated the LED outdoor lighting market

Outdoor lighting mainly include: lawn lamp, garden lamp, tunnel lamp, floodlight lamp, underwater lamp, street lamp, wall lamp, landscape lamp, underground lamp etc.. Compared with the household lighting, high power, high brightness, large volume, long service life and low maintenance cost. It is understood, at present, our outdoor lighting products has formed four major bases in Gaoyou City, Guo Ji Zhen, Danyang City Jiepai Town, Yuyao Lianglong town and Zhongshan City Guzhen Town. Gaoyou Guo Ji Zhen has more than 20 production of outdoor lighting scale enterprises, with annual sales of more than 1000000000 yuan; Danyang City Jiepai Town Street 85 enterprises, in the national market share is not small; Yuyao Lianglong town common lamps more than 400 enterprises, is the country's major outdoor lighting production base; the ancient town of Zhongshan city the town is the lighting capital of China, with a lamp more than 20000 enterprises, including professional outdoor lighting production enterprises hundreds.

Notable is, at present, in the high pole lights and road lamp, Jiangsu and Zhejiang business advantage, market share to reach 70-80%, but the town of outdoor lighting enterprises in the courtyard has been forcing Jiangzhe enterprises, the market share of inversion of potential, courtyard lamp current town occupied the national market shares in 60-70% between Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and outdoor lighting enterprises accounted for only less than 30%.

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