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LED widely used special lighting money infinite

Release time:2014/1/2

In general, whether it is from the promotion of modern agricultural development point of view, or the realization of energy saving and environmental protection point of view, the application of LED in agriculture has a very important significance, and the status and development needs of agriculture also provides opportunities for LED.

The inaugural meeting of the Chinese visible light Communications Alliance will be in Guangzhou curtain. The application of LED light source has not been confined to the general lighting. In addition, in the field of agriculture, LED light can be applied to the production of vegetables, with special LED lamp head light, quality and yield is greatly improved; in the automotive field, the LED lamp with low energy consumption, high reliability, long service life, environmental protection, in bad weather and at night can improve security, is the new blue ocean LED lighting market; the medical aspects, from outside to inside, from special to the general, LED in medical lighting territory expansion
Agricultural lighting: "plant factory" will revolutionize agriculture
With the development of modern agriculture, agricultural lighting demand and consumption continues to expand, a new challenge to traditional agriculture lighting technology is also presented. LED is a new generation of light source, in addition to the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving, compared with the traditional agriculture common fluorescent lamp or high pressure sodium lamp and other artificial light, with light can be adjusted, light adjustable, low cooling load and allows an increase in unit area of cultivation measure and so on, there are environmental control of agricultural production environment on sealing, such as room etc. plant tissue culture is a kind of artificial light source is very suitable.
Predictably, the application of LED will bring more reform to agriculture for example, "plant factory" is considered to be the stage of agricultural advanced facilities, set a variety of modern biotechnology, information technology, artificial environment control and other high technology in one, not only yield higher than the land cultivated many times, but also in non arable land such as Gobi the desert island, the water how to fry, and even the city building for production, is also considered to solve the population, resources and environmental issues such as the effective technical means.
In China, agricultural lighting has started using LED, such as some domestic agricultural demonstration zone building solar photovoltaic LED plant factory etc.. The Chinese government has to speed up the pace of LED application in the field of application of agriculture through the research project support, such as the "eleven five" period, through the 863 plans to set up 1 projects, "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period will be several LED agricultural research project support. Some local governments also through the establishment of demonstration garden of agricultural science and technology and other forms, encourage the introduction of application of project LED agricultural lighting energy efficient in the park.
In fact, plant lighting in South Korea has long been popular. LED plant lamp sales are concentrated in Japan, Korea, America, Europe and other agricultural personnel fewer countries and regions. But with the increase of LED plant growth light permeability, the Chinese market into the outbreak period. According to the survey, the global LED growth light output began to show rapid growth in 2013, the output value is only tens of millions of dollars in size, but the estimates in 2014 to more than $35000000 in 2017 to $300000000, is expected to challenge. Application in agriculture except for some applications, the application of LED in the field of agriculture related technology research and development is increasingly attention.
In general, whether it is from the promotion of modern agricultural development point of view, or the realization of energy saving and environmental protection point of view, the application of LED in agriculture has a very important significance, and the status and development needs of agriculture also provides opportunities for LED.
Automotive lighting: the new blue LED lighting market
In recent years, with the increasing light efficiency, low energy consumption, high reliability, long life, small size and environmental protection and many other advantages, the application of LED in the automotive interior and exterior lighting in the growing, already from the initial non automotive lighting applications so critical, such as the cockpit lighting, parking lights and instrument panel backlighting, to leap into the the headlight and taillight, wider application of combination.
It is understood that before 2010 the domestic LED automotive lighting market average growth rate of 13%, over the past two years LED lamp market growth rate of more than 40%, last year the domestic market automotive lighting is a breakthrough 20000000000 yuan. Automotive LED lighting products gross profit is 3-5 times that of ordinary LED products, the market has attract more domestic and foreign enterprises involved in. On the one hand, enterprises have to test the water, boom is the transition to automotive lighting. Last year, crystal electric, gem circle, AUO, Dongbei old enterprises have their own business tentacles of the international automobile brand, actively investing in mainland factories, accelerate the pace of development in the field of LED automotive lighting. On the other hand, as the field of automotive lighting big brother Hella Group, OSRAM, PHILPS and other enterprises in Europe and America, natural unwilling to lag behind the Taiwan enterprises, have the use of its original channel advantage, for automotive lighting market launched a fierce attack, investment is very lively.
The progressive development of domestic auto industry, LED automotive lighting market this cake also were optimistic about the new blue ocean known as the LED lighting market.
Medical lighting: from the special to the general, is valued by industry
Since 2007, China's LED medical lighting was started. In China, medical lighting industry belongs to the medical device industry, compared with common functional lighting, regulations and certification requirements more stringent, in technology, safety regulations are very strict requirements. Due to product high barrier to entry, technology risk, coupled with the majority of physical therapy equipment enterprises to LED performance, utility technology do not quite understand, only a small number of large enterprises and medical institutions to produce the products. So the progress of LED medical lighting is not good, do not suit with the demand, this is the biggest resistance control medical lighting development.

It is understood that the application of classification of medical lighting include hospital building internal and external functional lighting, namely except medical resources and medical guidance information display functional lighting accident; peep lighting, namely for the observation of lesion detection, lighting; surgical lighting, lighting tools for providing high quality surgery; disinfection and sterilization radiation source.

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