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Analysis of the 2014 LED home lighting development status and future trends

Release time:2014/5/28

With the national energy saving policy, LED lighting gradually flying into the homes of ordinary people, the traditional lighting can not meet the increasingly intelligent modern life, so more and more enterprises into the home lighting market terminal

With the continuous decline in LED costs in recent years, the scale of commercial application showed rapid growth, LED is more and more civilians, begin to enter thousands of households, the home lighting has become a bright spot in the LED market development. The LED brightness and color adjustment, small volume, long service life, do not contain mercury, in line with the national "energy-saving emission reduction" policy needs and other characteristics, in addition to LED lighting widely used in commercial, industrial and government offices, outdoor lighting and other fields, more and more enterprises began to promote the LED home lighting products. For example: LED lamp, ceiling lamp, lamp etc.. But the home lighting market, and many levels, different consumer groups, to make products trend is expressed as absolute linear.
In 2012, the traditional home lighting enterprises to actively to transition to the LED lighting, emerging LED home lighting enterprises struggling to catch up. In order to seize the LED market cake, they in the products, channels, marketing and other aspects of OFweek semiconductor lighting network foot. The survey found that many of the traditional home lighting companies in the years 2011-2012 has launched LED ceiling lamps, LED lamps, LED lamps, kitchen and living room LED aluminum lights, LED home lighting products, and these products have been in the terminal channel has a more excellent performance. With the development of LED lighting technology, LED lighting products cost increasingly compressed. Insiders pointed out that over the past two years, LED home lighting products prices have dropped 15%-20%, at the terminal of ordinary consumers can accept, LED home lighting capacity has been further release, the market prospects can view.
But the market is not so optimistic, in home lighting enterprises, they almost unanimously denied "LED home lighting the development of golden period has come to the term". In their view, at present, although the home lighting products has completed the transition to LED, but LED home lighting market development is not enough heat, the industry is still in a very chaotic state. At the same time, the development of the industry has a lot of bad elements, affect health forward.
From the home lighting products in recent years, the market mainstream consumer attitudes are also changing, the flat crystal lamp sales decline, ceiling lamps, modern style, especially the LED ceiling concern. In the price, LED ceiling lamp price slightly higher than the traditional energy-saving lamp light source. For the traditional home lighting transformation the field of LED lighting companies and emerging LED home lighting business, but no particular preference, merits to market the final say, who's products more competitive, consumers are more willing to choose who. After the development in recent years, LED lighting technology has been greatly improved, and now is no longer the obstacles to the promotion of LED indoor lighting. But the price problem, with the continuous advancement of technology and the increasingly fierce market competition, LED product prices continue to decline in the world, since 2013, replacing 60W LED lighting retail price has declined 28%.
Industry said that the current domestic interior lighting is not very popular, but the mall store and so on have been very popular, mainly to the cost does not fall down, and the supporting hardware is not fully available to each, so in recent years although the growth rate is very fast, but the household proportion was a little.

"2013-2015 China LED lighting industry market research and forecast analysis report" that double effect decreased in promoting policy and price, is expected over the next few years LED interior lighting will show explosive growth. In 2014 the global LED lighting market penetration is still try for fast, on the current market situation, the home lighting Museum many professional market, integrated, intelligent, energy saving has become the development trend of modern household lighting, lighting from the function to the integrated decorative lighting, LED is getting more beautiful; from the energy to the intelligent, LED more and more "smart".


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